Friend2Farmer Coffees

Friend 2 Farmer

Brew Better Communities Through Coffee

From the grower to the roaster to your favorite cafe, it takes a lot of hands to create a great cup of coffee. Daily Dose features Crimson Cup’s Friend2Farmer® coffees that are harvested thousands of miles away by small-plot coffee farmers. Carefully selected for exceptional quality, the coffee is then roasted in small batches in Columbus, Ohio to preserve the integrity of the bean’s flavor and the farmer’s hard work.

To bring you this awesome coffee, Crimson Cup travels to meet the farmers and select the coffees we feel represent their farm the best. With a handshake, we purchase their crop for more than they could get on the open market.

Friend2Farmer® Program

Crimson Cup developed the Friend2Farmer® program to go beyond existing Fair Trade and third-party programs to become directly involved in coffee-growing communities. Each Friend2Farmer® coffee is purchased directly from small-plot coffee farmers and then imported, hand-roasted and packaged by Crimson Cup.

Crimson Cup works hand-in-hand to develop better coffee and a better quality of life for the farmers, their families and their community. They take several trips a year to strengthen relationships and help fund local schools and other life-enriching projects.

In the end, we believe that nothing’s better than waking up and knowing the delicious coffee you’re drinking is helping to brew better lives, better coffee and better communities.

Friend 2 Farmer