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Brewed with the Finest Beans in the World

We seek the very best sources of coffee from around the world. The coffee beans we roast are Class 1 Specialty Grade beans. This Specialty Grade represents only the top coffee beans grown in the world.

The characteristics of these beans exhibit the most favorable cup qualities. This grade offers more consistently sized and shaped beans, which helps the coffee to roast evenly. Just one defect can taint the cup characteristics of an entire pound of coffee.

Two of our most popular blends are Armondo’s Blend and Wayfarer.

Armando‚Äôs Blend is our best-selling medium roast with beans from Central America, Indonesia and Africa. Slightly sweet with a nutty undertone, Armondo’s blend was created especially to taste great as an espresso, a blended drink and a drip.

Wayfarer Blend recently earned third place in the America’s Best Espresso competition and a silver medal in the 2016 Golden Beans competition. Why Wayfarer? It literally means traveler. We wanted to offer a blend that uses a rotating variety of current crop coffees.

This coffee will be blended to focus on all brewing methods including espresso, drip, and single cup. This blend should always have some fruit and caramel notes with a medium acidity and medium body. As an espresso, Wayfarer Blend should look like maple syrup coming out of the machine and should have notes or tree nuts and chocolate. Cupping notes may also include coffee blossom, wild strawberry and plum.

Our Coffee Partners

Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Since 1991, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea has traveled the globe searching for the finest specialty-grade Arabica coffees and supplies hundreds of independent coffee houses in 28 states. Coffee beans are carefully roasted daily by hand in small batches to bring out their unique flavor profiles. Most beans come from small coffee farms in remote, high-altitude growing regions all over the world including Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Indonesia. All of our coffee beans are certified Kosher thru Ohio-K Kosher Supervision Services.

Not only is the coffee some of the finest tasting in the world, it serves a greater purpose. Crimson Cup works with small farmers all over the world to source fine coffee through direct and free trade, enabling farmers to work sustainably.

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